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I can help you with your staff meetings, if you'd like, via video cam. The scheduler is below. Book an hour or 30 min or 10 min or whatever best serves you. You may pick a subject to discuss, enlist me to help solve a challenge, or allow me to do training, team brainstorming, or just about anything I might do if sitting there with you in your meeting. I'm on your team, use me.

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Fast Info

Welcome to New Members

 Welcome to The 100.
I know, this on-line campus (our website) can be a bit intimidating at first (if not downright overwhelming), but you'll soon figure out how to find --and/or get --exactly what you need, when you need it. 
This site is a multi-media "book" with many chapters and contributors. Using new Internet-based technology, we are becoming an on-line college for martial arts teachers who reject the dominant paradigm in the martial arts "industry."
We have over 1000 thought-stimulating videos and  2500 business, marketing, and management blog-posts.
Dozens of top school owners and creative martial arts activists work here in this on-line think-tank, workshop, and community. Here's a short video tour of the site.

Reach Tom Callos and/or Other Support Team Members

Tom Callos is the chief consultant for all issues regarding business, marketing, and martial arts school / career management.

Tom Callos

Location: Placerville, California

Cell phone 530-903-0286 (call anytime, for any reason); e-mail:
tomcallos@gmail.com; find Tom on Facebook, Google Chat and Skype "TomCallos".

For additional advice also look to the following for help:

Living in a town of less than 4000 people and keeping an active student count of 200, Gary Engels is our resident small school in a small town expert. Gary also heads the 100.'s leadership programs. See www.projabi.com

Gary Engels
Location: Woodruff, Wisconsin.
garyengels@gmail.com; Facebook; Google Chat; Skype "gary.engels".

For writing, publicity, and all sorts of other things, connect with:

Stacia Kelly
Location: Virgina,
Skype "staciakelly"; Facebook, AIM: LadySybir.

For issues of self-defense instruction, may we refer you to 100. advisor:

Peyton Quinn

Danny Sikkens

Danny is our resident NON-PROFIT school expert -- and computer software man about town. 

Reach him at dan@aimhighma.org

Brian Williams

Heads www.ThinkKindness.org

and can answer all kindness-related strategic marketing / community service questions.



Upcoming Events


Here's the link to see all our upcoming events.

What to do if LOST, Struggling w/100.

Hello member (or prospective member) of The 100.  If you can’t get started, don’t know where to start, feel overwhelmed, frustrated, stifled, off track, at a dead-end, or verklempt, I offer you, below some “how to get going advice.”

The way to begin is to list what you want to learn and/or to list your problems. Here’s an example:

Want to Learn
  • Best blogging program and how/why to blog.
  • How to keep stats.
  • How to keep from killing your staff.
  • How to keep your staff from killing you.

  • Can’t figure out how to start using stuff on The 100.
  • Can’t seem to get my staff to care.
  • Spouse/ Partner wants to kill me.
  • Can't schedule classes effectively.
  • Can’t get adults.
  • Can’t get kids.
  • Paying to much for rent.

You can list these in/on your “page” in the 100 site in a TEXT BOX. You can call me or reach out to Gary Engels, Stacia Kelly, or any number of our members to find out how to enter text in a text box. Then you send me a note and let me know you’ve made a list -- and the team and I will go down it item by item and help make you the most educated and informed son/daughter-of-a-gun on the planet Earth.

Again: State your need or problem, we will help. If you DON’T state your need or problem, we’re going to have a real hard time helping you with it. You can also ASK A QUESTION on this site, 24/7.

“The quality of your life is the quality of the questions you ask.”  --Tony Robbins

Our Extensive Video Library

At last count, we have 958 videos on our shelves --related to school marketing, management, training, etc. Click here to go to the video library --- or click here to adda video (must be in categories as outlined above).


Every report is alive --as you can ask questions, make comments, or post related material in the COMMENT box below each report.

2350 + Reports for Owners and Staff

Click this link to go to our REPORTS page. Currently, we have more than 2350 reports on the 100. They are all there to serve you, now --and/or when you want them. Each report may be added to, using the comments box below each post.


Subjects include marketing, management, staff training, money issues, and many more.

110 School Owner Lessons

Click this link to see the Owners Report library.


A report in the 100's library usually (with some exceptions) take no longer than 5 minutes to read. Below each report is a comment box; this is where you ask questions, make comments, add to the report, or ask the writer to clarify something. 


There is 1 to 2 years of staff-training sessions in this material, subjects every school owner must be familiar with.

Free Tools

Click on this link to reach our FREE TOOLS section. From a model's release to "Instructor Reminder Cards" to The 10 Living Heroes Project to full size banner artwork, we're compiling a sizable collection of school owner tools.

Mitt Classroom Drills +

Click here to see our library of mitt, pad, and other drills


In 2010, Tom Callos filmed approximately 100 different mitt drills while he trained a black belt in preparation for an upcoming exam. All of them are stored in this library. In addition, we keep adding great training videos as we come across them. 


We look forward to your contributions (your favorite training/teaching methods).

Special Marketing Reports

Click Here to Begin Looking Over Some of The 100.'s Marketing Reports.


There's more about real smart marketing on this website than anyone's ever assembled in one place. Better than that, every single report is ALIVE. Ask a question or make a comment --and the report comes back to life --to grow --to educate --to inspire. 


According to a search on the REPORTSsite, there are currently 335 reports tagged "Marketing."


The goal, down the road, is to go through every report in our entire library.

Bully Prevention Material

By going in the upper right hand corner of The 100. site and searching "bullying," I come up with 38 pages of posts referring to the subject. This morning I went to the 38th page and started reading each post to see if the subject matter was still relevant -- and it is. There are reports on using video cameras to record "bully stories," there are specific how-to's for bullying education, and there are 37 other pages you and your staff should, page at a time, go through and sift for ideas that appeal to you, that you like, and that you are --at this time --able and ready to implement. See the search I did here, go to the SEARCH feature on our front page to see if there's a more current list. 


If you search "bullying" and "Callos," you will find (today, May 4, 2011) 7 pages of posts on bullying. See the search I did today, here.


Searching our VIDEO LIBRARY, I came up with 30 videos pertaining to bullying, here(search again for current results).


To see the absolutely BRILLIANT "Kids Teaching Kids" (about bully prevention) Banners, which give you tools to teach bully prevention presentations to your students, who in turn, teach the material in your community, go here. Talk to Gary Engels if you want to order our banners at $100 each, or get some coaching on how to construct your own.

10 Lessons in Self-Defense for Girls

Here is the link to a website/ lesson plan I built to teach young ladies --and martial arts teachers --10 Simple Lessons in Self-Defense for Girls. The site is a tool you can use for curriculum, or as a model for something you create yourself (cost me: $20 per year), and/or as a tool to train your own teachers about the kind of self-defense that this site represents.


If you SEARCH "10 lessons for girls"in The 100.'s search box (upper right hand corner) you will find at least 3 pages of posts about the program. If you need help implementing and/or using the site in any way, contact me (Tom Callos). 


Look over the site carefully, as you're observing a historic shift in thinking, methods, and education for martial arts and self-defense teachers.

The Ulitmate Black Belt Test (UBBT)

The Ultimate Black Belt Test isn't just a "program" I (Tom Callos) designed, it is a radical, intelligent, and pragmatic new approach to how you go about planning and implementing a better kind of martial arts curriculum and education through your work. 


The UBBT isn't something you buy (it's free to members of the 100). It's something you get your head around --then weave into the fabric of your own teaching and school. You can borrow from it, you can learn from it, and you can use the ideas in it...


Once you learn about and live the UBBT, it will be something you use with your students. 


It is a program that is as authentic and genuine as they come. It is your training, it is your marketing, it is how you go from being a good instructor --to a legendary one. The ideas behind it deepen your practice --and the program is meant to evolve as YOU evolve. 


The UBBT doesn't exist in a box. You can't buy it. It works for you when you live it. 


If you desire coaching in the process, I will help you. Contact me (Tom Callos 530-903-0286 and/or skype: tomcallos). 


A word of caution:

The Ultimate Black Belt will change you, change the way you teach, the way you apply yourself as a master, ---and it will deepen and strengthen your practice; but it is not to be taken lightly. This is not some martial arts guru marketing scam. I do use the program to issue new rank to deserving black belts, but I never give rank to those who don't apply themselves to their test in the most extraordinary ways. The way I administer the UBBT to black belts seeking authentic new rank makes this the hardest black belt test in the world.

Kids Teaching Kids

The Kids Teaching Kids concept, that is that you teach your leadership team students (or other young members of your school --or from your community) to teach 15 minute presentations on subjects that your community needs (subjects of importance and value), is simply the most brilliant teaching / marketing tool you may ever meet. 


That you can teach your kids to teach things that greatly benefit them (leadership, speaking, management, and promotion skills) --and that the very things that help them --help educate other young people (children defend themselves with their heads), AND that the whole program represents your school in the BEST POSSIBLE light. Well, that's what we call "ingenious."


We've developed 2 sets of five, 5-foot-tall, 2-foot-wide banners that serve as a backdrop "set" and "flash-cards" for the presentations (What is a Hero and Stop Bullying now). We've written scripts and designed very fine ways to mobilize your audience once a presentation is given. We also have a number of members in The 100. who are working these programs right now --and successfully. 


If you have a subject you'd like help in developing as a Kids teaching Kids concept, well ---we're waiting! See Tom Callos for help. 


For the coaching and instructions you need to make this a part of your school / marketing / teaching program, see either  Tom Callos or Gary Engels of The 100. Here's a link to a more thorough explanation of the program.


Project Based Leadership Training


Stop, look, and listen --as you're about to learn of one of our generations most powerful and important innovations in martial arts school management and education (No BS). This is to VIP passes, birthday parties, sleep-overs, fliers, and referral contests what a handful of mud is the the Grand Canyon. 


Note: I was purposely conservative in my description so as not to exaggerate the importance of the idea. 


Project Based Leadership Training (PBLT) in the concept best described this way: "Out of the dojo and into the world." --Tom Callos


Tom Callos designed PBLT after seeing the martial arts industry promoting the selling of leadership classes, courses, and program --without offering any substantive leadership curriculum. PBLT is the backbone of the Ultimate Black Belt Test and The 100.  --as it is marketing, curriculum, and quantifiable evidence that we, indeed, both teach "leadership" and walk the talk of our philosophy.


See a brilliant video that Gary Engels posted on PBLT here.


A search of "Project Based Leadership Training" in the SEARCH box of The 100. turns up 7 pages of material to review. Gary Engels oversees PBLT in general --and if you need coaching in the what, where, why, and how of PBLT, reach out to him or coach Tom Callos.


Once you head on this path, using PBLT as a base for your curriculum, marketing, and education programs, you will step up to a new category of education and value to your community. PBLT is an extensive, long term career defining project in itself --and it is changing the face of martial arts education in the world.

You Are Your Own Media Company

This is the concept: We no longer wait for “the media” to tell our stories. We ARE our own “media.” We write our own press --and make our own videos. We are the newspaper and TV.

It’s a very sophisticated thing we’re talking about here --in an industry that has, for 2 decades, nurtured up-and-coming school owners to, primarily, focus on how to get 10 new students in the next 10 days. To be your own media company you have to focus on your message and its delivery. You have to be creative, consistent, and willing to stretch your abilities.

A good deal of the work Tom Callos is doing in The 100, for it’s members, is to help them develop their writing / communication skills, for the purpose of being able to do the same in their students. Take, for example, the YOUTUBE video player on the front page of The 100.’s site. Here is where Tom films almost daily examples for instructors on how to make their daily lives part of how they teach and inspire their community.

“I started the process with the idea that I would start making videos that reflected how I feel about and use the martial arts in my life. I thought I would do 1000 videos, not just to show my students how it might be done, but so that I could develop my own skills as a story-teller. But now I realize the process is so important, not only to my work as a teacher, but to helping others to be better teachers, that I’ve committed myself to 10,000 videos."

This work is already having a profound affect on curriculum design, school marketing, and the expansion of the idea of “what is self-defense” in today’s world.

Member’s of The 100. are not only “being taught” how to use technology to do their work better (and more effectively), The 100. is a living, breathing, on-going practice / workshop / experiential laboratory dedicated to the work.

If you need coaching in this idea, speak directly to Tom Callos. Once you understand the direction you/we are headed, your work will become an exciting experiment in how to improve everything you teach --and everything you practice (live) --through the use of words, images, and video.

Owning a Subject

Owning a Subject

You’ll hear Tom Callos talking about this concept often, as “owning a subject” means that you’ve established whatever the “subject” is as a fundemental part of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). To own the subject, Tom is going to encourage/coach you to know more about it, write more about, film more about, and take action on the subject as much (and preferable MORE) than anyone else in your community.

As a member of The 100., you owe it to yourself to get at least 1 one-on-one coaching session with Tom Callos about your USP --and how to own the subjects you and your school represent.

“It’s not “what” you choose to represent that’s most important, it’s how you go about becoming synonymous with that subject, whatever it is.  This is the foundation of your curriculum and your marketing.”  --Tom Callos

If you don’t understand or need more information on this topic, please call Tom immediately.

The Empty Cup Curriculum

The Empty Cup Curriculum (ECC), conceived by Tom Callos, is an approach to designing more intelligent and effective martial arts school curriculum.  


In ECC, "Emptying Your Cup" is a part of the curriculum building process (in this "school of thought"), and so no canvas is permanent --the painter can, at any time, decide to paint over the current work, change its direction, and/or start a new canvas.


As a teacher / crafts-person, each student you work with might be considered his or her own canvas --and as in a "photo mosaic," each individual canvas comes together to make a "picture" of your work in its entirety.


NOTE: This idea --and the verbiage connected to it --is uniquely "100.” The Ultimate Black Belt Test is an example of ECC. Members who wish to embrace this concept and approach to curriculum design, can get coaching from Tom Callos.

The Dietary Self-Defense Project

The Dietary Self-Defense Program

One of the missions of The 100., as a “movement,”  is to have a significant effect on the international martial arts community --with regards to the idea of “what is self-defense?”



A healthy diet, in today’s world, is more relevant to self-defense that any kick, block, punch, or grappling maneuver.

Our goal, collectively, is to bring curriculum and food-education to the martial arts in such a way as to permanently link diet and self-defense in the mind of the general public. You can, as a member of The 100., participate in this program (which has significant marketing value) --and receive coaching from Tom Callos in implementation.


Anger Management Training

Coach Tom Callos contacted one of the preeminent anger management coaches in the world, Dr. Tony Fiore, and together they crafted a legitimate training program for martial arts teachers to learn --and be certified in --anger control. 


This on-line educational course (fee involved) is the first of its kind --and gives the intelligent school owner and his/her staff something of great value to represent and teach in his/her community. 


Begin the process by visiting The Anger Coach Online Info site.


See coach Tom Callos for personal help in creating a marketing and community education program based on this information.

The Think Kindness Movement

Thinkkindness.orgis the brainchild of West Coast black belt Brian Williams --a student of Coach Tom Callos and part of the management team of The 100. 


Brian's work on behalf of members of The 100., school owners, is most amazing. Write / contact Brian for information--and members of The 100. are highly  encouraged to represent kindness and ThinkKindness.org in their own communities. 



Complete Financial Transparency

The 100. advocates complete financial transparency with regards to pricing and programs. See a statement about that, here. You may use this link and/or borrow any or all of the idea - to use as you see fit. The 100. should/must be known for leading the industry in matters of honesty/integrity.


Training Calls


Blog: My Life is My Dojo

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News and Stuff

Being a member of The 100. Method has many benefits, four important ones are:

1. You and/or your staff can pick up your phone and call Tom Callos almost 24/7. If Tom's available, he picks up. If he's unavailable, he'll return your call. Your other option is to connect with Tom via video chat on skype (tomcallos), Google chat, Facetime, and/or Facebook video chat. On the left side of this site is an appointment scheduler; use it to book a meeting with Tom for an hour or less, contingent on your own schedule. If you REALLY want and/or need assistance thinking through your work, USE this service to get some perspective. 

Whether it's marketing, management, staff training, black belt test, student retention, money issues, curriculum design, and/or any school business issue, Tom can and will help you.

2. The front page of the 100 is a fast-read "magazine" of written reports, video, and industry specific curated content. 10 minutes a day on this page and/or with previously published reports or video would add up to 60 hours a year; that's 60 hours if reminders, new content, interesting ideas, and shared successes. Invaluable. 

3. The 100 is a place to network with interesting, like-minded instructors seeking to manage and promote their schools in both conventional and unconventional ways. Your staff should be connecting with other staff members in these schools, managers with managers, owners with owners. 

4. Our library of reports and video and all the comments that go along with them represent the perfect resource for owner, manager, and staff member INDEPENDENT STUDY. Standing under an apple tree and waiting for an apple to fall into your hands isn't near as smart as just climbing up there and grabbing what you want. That's the knowledge in our library! Go seek it out, there are 1000's of content rich pieces. 

5. The 100 is a political movement; we're a large group of school owners making a stand for a more substantive, engaged kind of martial arts. There might be a lot of unethical or questionable practices in the martial arts world, we don't endorse, approve of, or use them. We're really "the good guys."

Our Latest Reports

Answering Info Emails: Making this 1 doc has helped me big time!

Posted by Jennifer Penny on August 23, 2014 at 1:41pm 0 Comments

I get many of my new student inquiries via email. I like it that way, but I was spending a good bit of time answering the same general questions. Just like the info telephone call, there is the objective of the caller (get info) and my objective (get them here for a trial) and there are lots of ways to get everyone what they need. My problem was this: I don't do scripts or hard sell techniques. Pretty much ever, and one of these two things happen: I give too much info, spend time answering…


Stopbullying.gov Bully Prevention module

Posted by Mike Bogdanski on August 22, 2014 at 9:55am 2 Comments

StopBullying.gov anti bully training

This free pdf gives you basic insights into what bullying is and is not.  This is a great tool to train staff in the basics of the anti bully movement.  With October being anti bully month, this is a great time for you and your staff to study…


Marketing With Style All The Way From Buenos Aires

Posted by Michelle Del Giorno on August 22, 2014 at 8:57am 0 Comments

Thank you Tom!  I reached out to 100 member Amanda Gary in Argentina to make some contemporary marketing material for my dojo.  Not only is she super cool (chatted it up with her on Skype), but she is so creative.  I sent her access to my drop box where my dojo photos are saved and she came up with these postcards and flyers for me.  Then I ordered them online at Vistaprint and my material is plastered all over my town and the surroundings.

Here are some examples of the work Amanda…


What You Could / Should / Might Write About / Talk About in Your Own Town, as a MASTER TEACHER

Posted by Tom Callos on August 22, 2014 at 8:50am 1 Comment

I've made two "acts of marketing" so far this morning, posting to my blog about the 100., to FB, and to a Google Community I oversee (The Ultimate Black Belt Test).

You should follow me on Facebook and try to meet and beat my social media output for your own school. I play to an international audience, but all you have to do is dominate in your own community. 

Here are some ideas that you and your team should be researching, writing about, and curating content…


Advanced Marketing Strategy: The Stories You Cultivate and Tell (MASTERS ONLY)

Posted by Tom Callos on August 21, 2014 at 11:00am 1 Comment

So let me tell you what this little story of a guy who builds little shelters for the homeless has to do with you and your school. The story about him is…


Three Business Reminders, w/ Sample Blog Post Text, From Tom Callos

Posted by Tom Callos on August 18, 2014 at 12:00pm 0 Comments


First: Little things matter. 1 video about your school, like the one below, matters. Make one to 3 every working day of the year. 

Write a good descriptive title and a decent description of the…


Fear: A Binding Concept. May I ask for and offer help?

Posted by Matt Brown on August 13, 2014 at 12:00pm 6 Comments

Fear.....isnt that what true martial arts training is supposed to help us face and overcome?

My fear? Of coming across like a used car salesman. I was a car salesman when I was younger. I was terrible at it and never sold one car......

I am very lacking in the "marketing" department. I can talk to anyone, anytime and anywhere about martial arts (much to the dismay of my wife, who when the topic starts, even in the middle of Walmart, she just walks off, knowing…


Students Retention (some more MASTER CLASS).

Posted by Tom Callos on August 12, 2014 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

(A Master Class to Be Shared with Your Teams, Re-Used and Referenced Regularly)

1. The first thing to do is adopt this concept: Student retention is a PRACTICE. It is a daily practice of looking deeply at…


Positive vs negative corrections

Posted by Ben Warner on August 12, 2014 at 7:46am 2 Comments

This may seem like a small point but I find it to be important; the difference between positive and negative corrections. Whenever possible I try to tell students what they should be doing rather than what they're doing wrong, Consider the corrections "don't drop your hands" vs. "keep your hands up". They both mean essentially the same thing but on a subtle level the latter statement gives the student something to work towards while the former reminds him/her of a mistake.

There is…


EXAMPLE of HOW you Must Write About Your Own Work. Advanced Marketing Strategies

Posted by Tom Callos on August 9, 2014 at 10:00am 0 Comments

So, below, I offer you a real example of how I write about my work (and how you could and should do it for yourself)  ----which I do as a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, almost every day of the year. You see, my work IS my advertising, my work is what I'm working on. 

When your work and…


What's Being Read and Watched, the Most (This Week) 


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